Why choose AbHaulier?

AbHaulier is the easiest and fastest way to create, submit and manage your abnormal load notifications.

Start a new notification, get your route and authorities and send your notification in less than a minute. View our AbHaulier brochure here for full detail and screenshots.

Easy route plotting

Easy route plottingUsing Google mapping AbHaulier automatically plots your intended route. Google Street View and Satellite View can be used to look at any part of your route in detail. Outbound and return routes can be effortlessly changed using drag and drop functionality.

A Google maps link is added to your notification making it easy for structure owners, police authorities and your drivers to see the fully notified route. See an example notification here.

Abnormal load restriction alerts

Abnormal load restrictionsFed up with re-route requests to avoid weak bridges, low bridge, roadworks or prohibited abnormal load routes? AbHaulier has over 5,000 restrictions built in so if your route travels over a weak bridge or other restriction AbHaulier will alert you to amend your route before sending your notification.

Saves you time

Saves you timeAbHaulier automatically selects the structure owning authorities and police authorities to be notified based on your chosen route and on vehicle/load detail you’ve entered. Multiple vehicles can also be added to one notification. Information used in previous notifications or previous route can be copied to a new notification.

Regular or monthly notifications

Regular or monthly notificationsRegular or monthly notifications can be saved and sent out each month in seconds. Regulars are automatically referenced and dated, and sent as new notifications with a single button click.

Short notice notifications

Short notice notificationsAbHaulier prints a list of those authorities to call but if a notification has been produced using AbHaulier, short notice phone calls do not need to be made to HE Areas 4, 9, 10, 12 or Kent and Medway Councils.

Direct email communication

Direct email communicationEmail responses from Structure Owning Authorities and Police Forces are managed within the software.

Full business hours support

Full business hours supportWe are always here to help. Whether you have a question on the legislation around moving abnormal loads, need advice on a route or help with AbHaulier support is only a phone call away.

AbHaulier notifies Merseyside and Greater Manchester Police directly to their ESDAL accounts

policeAbHaulier produces a standard notification that is sent to all authorities that do not use ESDAL (see example). For Greater Manchester and Merseyside Police, AbHaulier is able to automatically transmit your notification data to their ESDAL accounts via the new Highways England Template PDF form (see example), YOU DO NOT NEED TO USE ESDAL TO NOTIFY THESE TWO AUTHORITIES, AbHaulier does the job for you!

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Cascade can produce and submit your notifications for you

We will prepare the notification, plot your route, notify all required authorities, manage any requested re-routes and make the short notice phone calls where required.

You can concentrate on other areas of your business knowing the legal requirements of moving your abnormal loads have been met.

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