How AbLoads works

AbLoads is a totally unique and comprehensive specialist software package.


Fast processing

Notifications are received into the system by email and are colour coded by type and notice period given.
With a wealth of time saving features built in, an experienced operator can process, check and respond to around 200 notifications each day.  

The data taken from AbHaulier notifications, used to submit around 65% of all notifications, is entered automatically. These type of notifications can be processed with every structure along the route checked in under a minute. ESDAL notifications take 2 – 3 minutes. AbLoads databases of previous routes, standard routes, haulier and vehicle details enables an operator to add the notification detail from manual notifications quickly and efficiently.

AbLoads is usually operated by non-technical staff. A supervisory engineer would be required only very rarely.

Comprehensive data is maintained for all hauliers. This includes indemnity information, primary and secondary contacts, contact information and recent notification records submitted by the haulier.


User friendly mapping

AbLoads has been designed to ensure that manual plotting of a route is kept to a minimum.

The hauliers declared route is plotted automatically in to the mapping display from AbHaulier notifications and ESDAL notifications. Stated routes from manual notifications can be retrieved from previous routes the haulier or other hauliers have used or standard abnormal route templates.

The AbLoads mapping display is compiled from Ordnance Survey MasterMap ITN and Topography layer vector mapping, which all Structure-Owning Authorities have a licence to use. Background raster mapping may be toggled on or off and rectified aerial photography can also be added as a background to AbLoads if available.

Full navigation is available to move the map, pan right, left, up or down and to zoom into specific roads at detail. Depending on the scale selected, AbLoads displays road numbers and names, places and topographical data as structure location and data.

Accurate structure checks

Once the route has been plotted AbLoads performs a uniform & secure check of every bridge along the route against the specific axle loads and spacings stated within the notification and a simple traffic light display reports to the operator the results. If a structure has failed at the checking process the software compiles an email back to the haulier with the relevant detail of the route issues.

AbLoads checks notifications using the AbLoads checking engine, which operates at a more sophisticated level than the ESDAL ICA system.

The structure modelling used by AbLoads is sophisticated, treating all spans of a structure as a whole and taking full account of the articulation i.e. the nature of the connections between its component parts of the structure. The effect of the vehicle, represented by its axle loads and spacings, is maximised by moving it across the structure in both directions, a process that can lead the system to evaluate as many as 100 load cases for a multispan continuous bridge. All of these calculations take place in seconds resulting in a safe, secure but not over conservative checking process that is fair to authorities and hauliers alike.

Includes traffic management

AbLoads also incorporates traffic management. Road closures, lane closures, night closures, restrictions affecting weight, height, width, length limits, or events taking place affecting traffic flow are linked to specific road sections within AbLoads. Operators are alerted if a restriction is crossed and are able to directly email the haulier with an advisory or mandatory restriction. Police authorities, if elected, can also be included within the communication back to the haulier.
Restrictions can be given start or end dates and times if applicable and are linked to road sections so that they are picked up by AbLoads when checking a notified route relative to the specific vehicle and load detail. Notifiers are then informed automatically in outgoing messages.


Direct communication

AbLoads needs no separate email or fax software: it comes with its own self-contained components to receive and display both kinds of messages.

Responses or acknowledgment to abnormal load notifications can be made directly from the AbLoads software with a range of pre-set templates or a free text editor available. Other useful contacts, such as police authorities, can be added to email responses.

Reporting & Security

AbLoads has a suite of standard reports available covering hauliers, bridges and movements.

A particularly useful report is the Daily Report. This automatic report details the number of messages received into AbLoads, the number of messages sent from AbLoads, the number of notifications entered and processed, the type of notifications submitted, via AbHaulier, via ESDAL or manually and the number of Special Order Notifications. The Daily Report also lists all unresolved notifications, enabling each operator to track any outstanding information pertinent to each notification.

Other reports include a structures failure report enabling a snap shot view of those structures which frequently fail abnormal load movements.AbLoads can automatically alert team members across your organisation if an abnormal load travelling through the area exceeds certain pre-defined thresholds.

AbLoads is operated at three secure levels, with unique log on and passwords for each person using the system: operator levels, engineer levels and management levels

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AbLoads is used to protect bridges, structures and drainage assets valued at £65 billion.

AbLoads Software CustomersAbnormal Loads management and structure checking software

Abloads software customer essex
Essex County Council use AbLoads to process all abnormal load notifications within their area
Abloads software customer a1
AbLoads is operated by A-one+ within HE Area 14    
Abloads software customer skanska
AbLoads is operated by Skanska within HE Area 2    
Abloads software customer leeds
Leeds City Council use AbLoads to process all abnormal load notifications within their area
Abloads software customer lancashire
Lancashire County Council use AbLoads to process all abnormal load notifications within their area