Why consider outsourcing?


Fully trained operators, expert managers, supervisory engineer experienced in bridge management.


All notifications processed and responded too within the statutory notice requirement of 2 or 5 clear working days.


No annual holidays or sickness cover to consider or additional resource to find during busy periods. No back log to manage.

Reduced pressure

Reduced pressure on your in-house staff to concentrate on core business requirements and revenue generating activities.

Easier budgeting

Gain key expertise at a fraction of the cost and fix your costs month in, month out

Structure protection

The structures you’re responsible for are being safe guarded against damage from abnormal load vehicles by consistent and experienced management of the abnormal loads process.

Cost saving analysis

Cost saving analysisReducing operating costs is a key goal. The actual net savings gained by outsourcing your abnormal loads management to Cascade Software are significant compared to delivering the same service in-house.
Our cost savings calculator provides a true cost of employment figure including employee salaries and other hidden costs such as staff benefits and NI contributions. Based on the data you enter, including the number of notifications processed each week, it will illustrate your potential savings.


One Abnormal Loads Operator (annual salary of £18,000) processes 100 notifications each week. They work with a Structure Manager (annual salary of £30,000) although the Structure Manager only spends 15% of their time on abnormal loads management. The savings gained by outsourcing the management of abnormal loads to Cascade would be £41,450, a 74% cost saving against running the service in-house.