How AbLoads Police works

AbLoads Police is a totally unique and comprehensive specialist software package for the management of abnormal load notifications.


Fast processing

AbLoads Police is a complete Abnormal Loads management and checking software for Police Authorities. It processes and checks ALL abnormal load notifications whether submitted by hauliers using AbHaulier, ESDAL or a manual method such as a Word or PDF attachment to an email. This means that, for a Police Authority using AbLoads Police to manage abnormal load notifications, there is no requirement to mandate to a haulier the method they must use to submit notifications maximising notification compliance.

AbLoads Police manages the complete notification process for a police authority from receipt of each abnormal load notification into its Inbox through approval or rejection of each notified vehicle within an abnormal load notification and all subsequent correspondence storing a full electronic audit trail of all correspondence for each notification. AbLoads Police is able to deal with STGO notifications, C & U notifications, multiple vehicle notifications and regular or monthly notifications and also creates and manages police dispensations.


Built in email communication

AbLoads Police receives abnormal load notifications emailed by hauliers directly into its inbox. The software is able to automatically transmit an ‘auto-response’ back to the haulier. The auto-response can include a unique reference number allocated to the received notification. The auto response can also include other pertinent information such as an ongoing peak time travel ban on particular roads and can be edited as required to add specific, date limited information.

Automated processing of notifications

AbLoads Police can be set to automatically process notifications submitted by hauliers using AbHaulier. For notifications that have been auto processed, The Operator is provided with a report that includes those notifications that have failed the checking process and that require the Operators involvement for further action. Auto processing can be set to take place overnight, when the software is in ‘idle mode’ (an operator is not logged on) and on an ad-hoc basis.

An Operator can also choose to process and check notifications themselves. For notifications submitted by hauliers using AbHaulier or ESDAL, AbLoads Police will automatically enter all the notification data. For notifications submitted using other formats, such as Microsoft Word, AbLoads Police provides a variety of shortcuts enabling the Operator to retrieve previous vehicle and route data.

Sophisticated police restriction check

Once the haulier’s notification data has been entered and the notified route plotted, AbLoads Police is able to identify and check any abnormal load restrictions along the notified route that might require the notified route to be amended. Restrictions can be linked to a unique road segment, a length of road or a geographical area.

Depending on the restriction results, AbLoads Police will advise the Operator of any failures or alerts and provide a series of suitable editable template responses to communicate back to the haulier. These are called ‘Restriction alerts’. Copies of Restriction alerts, together with the original submitted notification can be circulated to other interested parties, if required. AbLoads Police will store all communication within the notifications audit trail.


Information flow

AbLoads Police is also able to automatically notify other interested parties of any particular abnormal load notifications that exceed pre-set criteria, such as a width, length or weight threshold generating the requirement of a police escort or self-escort vehicle. These are called Threshold alerts. If a threshold is exceeded, the software can automatically send a communication detailing the threshold exceeded, attaching a copy of the original notification to the department responsible for managing police escorts for example.


AbLoads Police also provides the Operator or other users with full reporting functionality and the opportunity for notification data analysis. Useful examples include the ability to report on all abnormal load movements along a specified road segment, if there has been an emergency road closure, for instance. The software also provides a mailshot facility to all or selected hauliers which means hauliers that are affected by an emergency road closure or other incident can be immediately contacted with relevant information such as an approved diversion.

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