Why choose AbLoads Police?

AbLoads Police provides police authorities with sophisticated abnormal load management software to check and manage STGO and C & U Abnormal Load Notifications


Overnight, idle or selected automatic processing and checking of notifications enables an operator to focus on medium or high-risk movements or those that have exceeded restriction criteria along the notified route.

Fast & Accurate

Automatic data entry and route plotting for selected notifications enables an operator to swiftly manage the notification process.


Mandatory and advisory abnormal load restrictions can be set up based on a road segment, road or geographical area. Restriction alerts automatically notify interested parties if a notified route exceeds a restriction.

Escorting analysis

Self and police escort analysis of the notified route automatically advises the haulier of their escort obligations and, for police escorts, advises nominated parties that need to alerted for police escort requirements.


AbLoads Police creates and manages authorised police dispensations. Dispensations can be allocated to include geographical areas, road class or selected roads. Dispensations can also exclude selected road classes, road names, road numbers or routes.


AbLoads Police manages all notification types, whether submitted using AbHaulier, ESDAL or a manual method. This leaves the haulier to notify using the notification method that bests suits their business, ensuring maximum notification compliance.


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whitepaper2AbLoads Police manages the complete notification process for a police authority including advanced police restriction and dispensation management and self / police escort analysis of the notified route. For more information about AbLoads Police and the full features of the software, see the AbLoads Police brochure.

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