AbLoads QuickCheck for DBFOs

If you’re a DBFO with a small number of roads or structural assets within your area of responsibility AbLoads QuickCheck will deliver the tools you need to quickly check a haulier’s route against your structures.

Details of haulier, vehicles and structures only need entering when first checked.  As the database builds up, the program's facility of use expands.  For example, a vehicle can be checked over a selected number of bridges at the same time.  In due course with use the program builds up a hauliers and bridges database.

Using the AbLoads checking engine, with its runtime versions of Cascade’s Arch and Analyse bridge assessment programs, AbLoads QuickCheck provides a simple, quick, uniform and secure method by which abnormal loads may be checked over critical bridges without incurring the delay and expense of referring each notification back to the design office or to an external firm of consulting engineers.

As with AbLoads, the program caters for normal span bridges, boxes, portals and arches of all shapes and profile, regular or irregular.  Similarly, any special type of bridge that can be modelled as a frame can also be checked.